13th Muharram, 1446 A.H.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Mosque have a separate prayer area for women?

Yes the Mosque has a separate prayer area for women, it has its own Wudu area and small kitchen.

Is the Mosque wheelchair accessible?

Our mosque has disabled car parking spaces, drop kerbsides, low threshold doors, disabled toilets and a lift.

Can I visit the Mosque if I’m not a Muslim?

We have many organised visits from local schools, colleges, universities, community groups and individuals. For further details visit our contact page.

Do the Mosque offer free parking?

Our car park has over 125 spaces and is joined with our community centre car park which adds an additional 25-30 spaces. There is also a 300 space, pay and display council car park within a 2 minute walk.

What time are Jummah Prayers?

Jummah takes place at 1.30pm all year round.

Do you provide Islamic funeral services?

City Central Mosque will support with all aspects of Islamic funerals. We offer advice on the registration of the death and graveyard paperwork. We also preform Gushl, Shrouding, Janazah Prayers and offer assistance with the burial.

Please note any cost related to burial plots and undertaker fees are to be paid by the families. If you are a funeral association member please contact them and make arrangements for reimbursement.

If you would like to become a member of a funeral association please contact:

Mohammed Iqbal 07816 993413
Mohammed Aslam 07801 777488