12th Dhu al-Hijjah, 1442 A.H.

National Lockdown Ending 05/01/2021

National Lockdown Ending 05/01/2021

Important Announcement
National Lockdown

Following the government’s announcement yesterday and the new guidance. City Central Masjid will remain open for the 5 daily prayers and Jummah

As of the 22/01/2021 Jummah will be:

1st 12.40PM

2nd 1.30PM

Cases remain high so we need to be more vigilant then ever.

*Please do not congregate after prayers have finished.

*If you have any health conditions consider reading at home.

*If you or any family member have any symptoms

*No face mask- NO ENTRY.
*Face mask MUST be worn at all times.
*Any child under 15 years old will NOT be allowed to enter.
*Bring a carrier bag to keep shoes in and with you at all times.
*Wudhu/Ablution MUST be made at home.
*One way system must be followed.

Please respect and cooperate with all of our volunteers at City Central Masjid, Hanley.