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Important Coronavirus Update 20/04/2020

Posted on: 22 March 2020

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⚠️ Coronavirus update 20/04/2020

With the ever changing situation related to the Covid 19 Pandemic there has been a very important update regarding Ghusl and Janazah arrangements.....

Agreement on the conditions of use of the Temporary Ghusl Facility for fulfilling Muslim Funeral Rites Stoke on Trent. The following has been agreed between all the Mosques in Stoke on Trent, and anyone who wishes to utilise the Central Ghusl facility for the above purpose.

The Family will be informed and must agree to the proposed procedures at the facility. If they do not agree then they are free to find an alternative venue that will accommodate their specific needs.

1. There are only two Ghusl options:

- Ghusl/ washing - this involves fulfilling the minimum 4 fard and spraying the body completely with water once.
- Tayyamum- -The Family / Funeral Director should enquire, as soon as possible, if the body will be ok for ritual washing / ghusl. If it is not, then the family or Funeral Director should seek to arrange and perform Tayyamum before the body is sealed in a body bag.
- There is no Tayyamum on the body bag. If the body bag says DO NOT OPEN then no ghusl or tayyamum will be performed at the City Central Facility.

2. Ghusl Teams

- The Mens ghusl will involve 2 volunteers and 2 representatives from the family.
- The Ladies ghusl team will include 4 volunteers and 2 representatives from the family.
- The Ghusls will be led by the volunteers and family representatives will Assist.
- Representatives from the family must have no underlying Health issues that puts them at risk, otherwise be in good health and under the age of 60.

3. Janazah
- A maximum of 10 family representatives will be allowed to pray the Janazah, and there will only be 1 Janazah in the car park at the facility.

The family of the deceased will be informed, beforehand, of the procedures and must sign the document agreeing to the above terms

Masjid representatives stated below are all in agreement with everything stated above.

Bhai Razaq (CCM) qari Shabir (CCM), Imam Belal (Masjid Ibrahim), Usman Farooq (GHAUSIA Masjid) , Hafiz Jabbar (Longton), Rizwan (Medina Masjid – Cobridge/ (Funeral Director)), Nazakit (Markaz Tawheed, Sunnah, Huda), Maulana Abdul Ghafoor (Makki Masjid), Kazi Islam (Hazret Belal masjid), Atiqur Rehman (Hanley Bangladeshi Masjid), Bhai Iqbal (CCM), Mohammed Farak (Shelton). Razwan Irfan ( Masjid Noor) Imam Shikhwan ( Masjid Salahuddin Cobridge) Imam Fatih ( Masjid Osmanye) & (Masjid Irfanye)

The above information supersedes any previous related to Ghusl and Janazah at the above facility.



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